What We Do

Safe Flight Solutions processes highly technical information and provides readily useable solutions for the aviation industry. Here is a sampling of our customized services:

Flight Safety Management

The analysis of flight data records, the determination of deviations from organization standard operating procedures and the identification of the root causes of such deviations on behalf of Airlines, Airport Authorities and Regulatory Authorities.

Operational Procedure Documentation

The development and the documentation of operational procedures in the areas of flight operations, airport operations, security and cargo operations, emergency response and business continuity planning.

Emergency Response & Business Continuity Planning

The development of management systems to respond to emergency situations and to develop business continuity planning in the event of such emergency situations and any post emergency activities which may be required.
In addition Safe Flight Solutions conducts training exercises and emergency response exercises to prepare the workforce to effectively manage emergency situations and post emergency activities.


We specialize in audit processes, such as quality audits, safety audits, risk audits and management audits to continually improve the implementation of procedures within an organization to meet internal governance or external regulatory requirements.

Marketing of Aviation Services

We actively market specialized aviation services and/or products within the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.